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Dog Boarding

Your dog (or dogs) stay in a cosy kennel that has infra-red heating (heats and smoothes the dog) during cold days and nights. The kennels also stay beautifully cool during warm summer days. Each kennels has an attached covered run.

Dogs are fed twice a day. We provide the dishes you provide your pet's normal diet as this minimises reluctance to eat and upset tummies (and keeps our licensing officer happy). To minimise the occurrence of bloat (GDV - gastric dilation volvulus) we maintain a strict rest period between exercise and eating.

Dogs  can enjoy 2-3 periods of off-leash exercise in one of our fully enclosed, grass paddocks during the day. This depends very much on the weather as some breeds do not enjoy the being out for an extended period in the cold and wet.

Our dog boarding prices start at £ 25 per day based a 3 day stay for 1 dog.​

What we do :

Care - cleanliness, all their creature comforts attended to, including cuddles - 

Respect - not all animals want fuss and cuddles, many like their own space and when they are ready they usually let us know when they want more -

and Routine - animals love that the same thing happens at roughly the same time of day, everyday. It helps them adjust to boarding and on return visits they know where they are and settle right in. 

Cat Boarding

Our spacious cat chalets have a heated bedroom with both space heating and personal radiator pad.   Bedrooms have elevated levels as cats love being up high and surveying their world.

Each chalets has an attached covered catio complete with a chair ready  for that afternoon nap in sun.  Owners can bring blankets or soft beds, toys and scratch posts to help make their pet feel at home.

Cats are fed twice a day and owners provide their pet's normal diet as this minimises reluctance to eat and upset tummies.

Our cat boarding prices start at £15 per day based on a  3 day stay for 1 cat.

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Vaccination Policy

Our Local Authority license states that all dogs and cats boarding with us must have yearly vaccinations. Please read our vaccination policy carefully and if need be discuss your pet’s status with your vet.

Dogs need :
DHP - distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus vaccines to be administered at least every three years.
L - Leptospirosis, and  PI/ KC -  parainfluenza and bordetella/kennel cough need to be repeated yearly. Please note that the oral and injectable kennel cough vaccines may require a separate para influenza shot.

Cats need :
Feline calcivirus [FCV],
Feline infectious enteritis (panleucopaenia) [FIE], and Feline viral rhinotrachetis [FVR]
These are commonly combined in a vaccine such as Tricat/Ducat.  Cats must be vaccinated annually.

We reserve the right to turn away pets whose vaccination records are not order -  no refunds on boarding will be give and the full amount due remains payable.

All vaccines should be administered a minimum of 3 days prior to boarding. The oral and injectable Bb kennel cough vaccines need to be administered a minimum of 3 weeks prior to boarding

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We respect ourselves and our guests

In order to give our guests their best possible holiday we need to be able to give the best of ourselves.
This means making sure that we have the full information about your pet at the start of their holiday.
We are happy to answer an email regarding whether a pet has settled but cannot  cope with daily phone calls/emails/photo requests.
If there is a problem during your pet's stay with us we will not hesitate to contact you (and the pet's vet if the situation warrants it).
Please respect our opening hours and our staff, who have family and lives outside of Sunnymead. 

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